SCL and Fransje Gimbrère participate in first Design Fest Gent

As a primary outcome of our research project, and in close collaboration with the Dutch designer Fransje Gimbrère, Soft Connection Lab is happy to present the collaborative making performance ‘Braid to connect’.

Soft Connection Lab is looking for ways to repair and strengthen the emotional connection between one another, but also with our surrounding material world. In the framework of its first presentation during Design Fest Gent the team developed, in close collaboration with Dutch designer Fransje Gimbrère, a participative, collaboration making performance. Braid to connect will function as a kind of human braiding machine, which enlarges this textile technique and makes it more insightful.

The performance wants to reveal the special dynamics of creating together. Which traces does this participatory process leave on the object? Does this give the object an intangible added value? Can we breathe new life into forgotten textile techniques in this way? And can this unifying design attitude function as a catalyst for sustainability?

In between the performances the objects are left in the space as silent witnesses of the collective process.

With the kind support of Timelab & Rubis.

Practical information
28th of April, 14h and 16h, Industriemuseum Gent.

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